Sketching and sketching…


I’m trying to find a good idea for something to gift to Dean at HobbitCon…
I think a traditional art will be the best thing, so… something like this?
It’s just a sketch cause I am in class right now -w-/


Dean O’Gorman

Oz Comic Con Adelaide


"But it’s not very godly, is it? Running away."

"Look at us, Zebadayah. Well, look at them, ‘cause I do look quite godly. But when you look at these three, do you think ‘Powerful Gods’? No, you think ‘Puny humans who think they are gods’."

H u m a n i t y   isn’t a species. It’s a state of m i n d . It can’t be defeated. It moves m o u n t a i n s, it saves souls. We were b l e s s e d as much as we were cursed. In this little enclave of the lost, I witnessed the very best of b e i n g   h u m a n.

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Opposites Attract ~ chapter 10 teaser


New chapter will be posted tomorrow sometime ~ but here’s a bit of a preview :D

Spoilers (?) for chapter 10 below the cut~

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oursesolitaire asked: "the tags you put on the gifset with helen and anders : YES THIS YES!! I agree. <3"


I just really love Anders’ little smiles :) And Mitchell and Anders together is just sass² because they are both so sassy but also a lot of fun :) (And I ‘ve been so happy when Helen was gone because she was just noooo ;))

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This was an inbox porn-ish thing I sent to Lina after we talked about some nice stuff :D I hope it’s a bit enjoyable for everyone on their Mitchers Monday ;)
Mitchell buries his face into the sweaty skin at the back of Anders’ neck, inhaling deep as he tries to regulate his breathing back to normal. His heart is hammering along with the god’s, body still reeling with his release just minutes ago.

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Aaah, looks gorgeous anyway! <3 Btw dragon’s breath are no ‘real’ opals either, they’re also just painted and foiled glass cabochons, but with more colours. Still, yours looks lovely :)

Ah, I see :D I’m still experimenting with the colouring of the cabochons and different settings :) I have to order some metal settings too.

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Is that a dragon’s breath opal?

No, it’s a painted glass cabochon. It’s only red, there is no blue in it.

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Dean O’Gorman
» as Young Iolaus

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Turned out better than I thought it would :D