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Well, it has happened. Vili has taken over my brain and won’t let go, and I have several pages of notes for a story now. Um…yay? Anyway, here’s a preview for it because I’d love to hear what you guys think :D (not edited or beta-ed, so forgive any mistakes, it’s just a rough draft) 


The women of Durin’s line are known throughout Middle-Earth for their beauty. Those who lay eyes on them will wax poetically about hair as dark and glossy as a raven’s wing, eyes that are pools of the noblest brown, noses that are straight and strong, and lips with wicked curves, red as roses. Yes, the women of Durin’s line are without a doubt legendary for their beauty. 

And for their stubbornness.

And their commanding nature. 

Dis, daughter of Frey, certainly lives up to her title as a princess of Durin. Beautiful and fierce she is the shining jewel of her people. They speak of her strong features and her selfless kindness and they look to her for guidance in their times of wandering. Of royal blood she may be, but the Lady Dis is not above work and sharing meals with commoners. It only endears her more to the people. 

But Dis also possesses the temper of her line and the roar of a lioness. She’s been known to make groups of rowdy soldiers remember their manners and council members bending to her every wish. 

Used to getting her way as one is used to breathing, it then comes as a great surprise to Dis when she meets a dwarf who laughs in her face when she - politely - asks him to help her carry home her parcels from the market.

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Moar Durincest !

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Nina Blazon! OMG is ‘Lillesang’ already out? Been waiting for it for ages! This is a very beautiful pile of books :D

Yeah, it’s out but only since a few days, two weeks at most :D And I love her writing! “Ascheherz” and “Faunblut” are my favourites :D

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I bought a few books lately. I love books.

I bought a few books lately. I love books.


Young Iolaus and Jason in Hercules: The Legendary Journeys - 4x11


The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies Official Tapestry



The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies Official Tapestry



all night doodles to pass the time until there is a free bed for me to sleep on

u can see where i began to lose my mind

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Mitchers Monday ~ closed

Thank you everyone for all your questions :) You can read all the answers here.

Hope you had some fun with the boys :)

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kuriusagi asked: "So happy you're back! Is there still Monday? Hope so, because I want to ask what's the goddesses' reaction when they met Mitchell? And how they met? :D"

Mitchell: I met them all at Mike’s bar. Except for Gaia but she became a goddess later on. Stacey was very nice.

Anders: Wanted to climb you like a tree in seconds. I think it’s her old guy thing. And the grunge style.

Mitchell: That’s not true.

Anders: It totally is and you know it. Look at your clothes. You can do that even without a mirror.

Mitchell: Okay, maybe a little.

Anders: Ingrid was her oracle self, looking all knowingly and mysterious and wanted to join the tree climbing seconds later. Again the old guy thing.

Mitchell: Hey!

Anders: Now that I think about it, even Michele was interested. It’s a vampire thing, isn’t it?

Mitchell: It’s my natural charm.

Anders: It totally is a vampire thing. Great, I fell for a vampire thing.

Mitchell: No, you didn’t.

Anders: Okay, I didn’t. But they did.

Mitchell: Maybe.

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archer-and-lionprince asked: "Evening boys :) when was the last time that something really funny happened/was said and you couldn't stop laughing?"

Mitchell: Ten minutes ago. Can’t say what but it involves pancakes.